Surrey Archery Weekend 2014

Sat 12th and Sunday 13th July




Andrew (TO) taking photos

  Judges Ted and Steve Vallis watch the field

Ladies scoring


Compounds ready to shoot


Jackie Gould (Crown) scoring


Steve Vallis keeps an eye on the time


Les Bashford (Nonsuch) and Malcolm Rees (Guildford)


Jacqui Gould (Crown) and Petra Ginman (Ditchling)


Laura Hill (Nonsuch)


Donna Mills (Rivernook) and Barbara Wanzenreid (Richmond)


Netta Bridle corrects arrow values


Woodgates collect scores using an iPad

Is that a dead parrrot on your head Robert, or are you practicing

for the Monty Python revival?


Graham Rogers (Chessington)


Huw Jones (St. Kingsmark) probably breaking yet another Welsh record


Paul Grinham (Mole Valley) collecting scores


English Crosses


Barbara Wanzenreid (Richmond), Donna Mills (Rivernook) and Sophie Cole (CTR)


Suzanna Franklin (Thomas Wall) and Michelle Sword (Swan)


Some weird longbow artefact owned by Mark Kirkpatrick


Martin Bale (Rivernook)


Steve Vallis (Assistant DoS) and Ted Burnham (Dos)


Rae Harder (Surrey B.), Bill Langham-Brown and Suzanna Franklin (Thomas Wall)


Martin Shadbolt (Thomas Wall)


Huw Jones (Kingsmark) and Richard Fitzgerald (Guildford)


Junior end of the field


Gergo Deak (County Oak), winner of EAF Men's recurve,

receives his trophy from Lord Paramount, Ted Burnham


Louise Colville (Mole Valley) winner of EAF Women's recurve trophy


Mike Kells(Swan) winner of EAF Men's compound trophy


Linda Palmer (Bognor Regis) wins EAF Women's compound trophy


Juniors shooting on Day 2


Field crew in action (?)


Juniors scoring on the metric rounds


Juniors scoring


Steve Tulley (Guildford) and Andy Hopkins (Woking)


Juniors scoring


Some juniors just can't stop breaking UK records!