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Hire of WA Timing Lights to other archery organisations or clubs.


The Chronotir electronic timining lights used at SAW in mid-July and Middlesex WA Star in late May, are jointly owned by the counties of Middlesex and Surrey.  The lights are manufactured in France and meet the timing requirements for a World Record Status WA event

The lights are available for hire to UK archery organisations or clubs outside the main weekends required by the joint owners.  The equipment consists of four lights, four robust tripods, four charging units and two remote controls.  They can be used as a simple pair with one control, two pairs with one control or two pairs with separate timing for two separate fields.  The lights can be used indoors but if used with the tripods some protection will be needed on the spikes at the bottom of the tripod feet.  Outdoors, the tripods can be guyed down with rope and pegs which are provided. 

The lights are stand alone units which use rechargable batteries.  They comfortable last a whole day of shooting at a WA Star and withstand all weather conditions (as proved at both the Middlesex WA Star and Surrey Archery Weekend in 2014). At a multi day event the units will require recharging over night.  The remote controls use 4 AA batteries.  The remote controls are operated by the judges so it is their responibility, rather than the organiser, to reset the default settings to meet WA timing requirments.

The sets can be hired as either one pair or as a set of four.  Hirer must arrange collection from Andrew Trimble, who lives near Tolworth roundabout on the A3 in Tolworth (SW London).  Non Surrey / Middx clubs have to pay a deposit fee of £700 prior to collection.  Hire fee is £100 per pair for a weekend event.  Please contact Andrew Trimble for further details.

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